'Whilst there has been some more formalised training on the use of the device we would argue that
the key approach has been to give the device to both the teachers and to the students and to allow
them to learn through exploration and in collaborative dialogue. The portability, immediacy and ease
of use of the device mean that there is a great desire to experiment and to share and we have seen
both teachers and students wanting to show each other, and that includes teacher-teacher, studentstudent,
teacher-student and student-teacher, what they are discovering is possible with the device.' (EXTRACT FROM UNIVERSITY OF HULL REPORT ON iPAD USAGE)

Year 12 quotes November 2013

How has the iPad impacted upon learning?
'The iPad makes homework less of a task and more of an opportunity to learn more.'
'My iPad has been very useful for keeping me organised as apps like myHomework make sure that
I don't forget any homework that has been set. It lets me know when it is due. It also lets me know
which lessons I have everyday so I'm prepared."
'Mobile technology means accessing up to date information, capturing moments through photos,
connecting with people and being organised.'
'Mobile technology has made learning in school and at home a much more enjoyable task. Also,
easy access to knowledge I may not understand or know in lessons through the aid of google has
made a huge impact on my learning and understanding of certain topics. I love mobile technology!'
'Mobile technology has allowed me to become more organised with my school work and helped me
balance my social and my academic life so that I am able to keep in touch with my friends while
allowing me to keep on top of any work that I have been set.'
How is it used in lessons?
'It has helped a lot with psychology as I have had to get my homework online and the iPad has
made it easier to access as well as complete during study periods. It has also helped me make
presentations and not have to worry about saving it on a memory stick as I can upload it onto
dropbox or email it to my teacher.'
'In psychology it was useful to create presentations as a class and access resources on fronter.
For English or history it was useful to access thesaurus to check meanings of words.'
'In chemistry where I was able to quickly find more information on what we were learning.'

Quotes 2012

'I use my iPad in many ways during lesson time and when I have a free period. When i first got my iPad I researched my school text books on safari to see if I was able to download the book as a pdf file on my adobe app. By doing this, it allowed me by carrying less text books, this was an advantage for me as my bag has been less heavier because I now have less text books as most of them are on my iPad, and I don't have to carry them back and fourth from school to my house. It's also useful as I can buy some of the text books I need for my subject from iTunes and not have have to carry all my books separately where I would have them all in one on my iPad.
Secondly I also have an app where I can keep all my notes, this would keep me organised to see how much work I have been doing, I can also revise from them wherever I am (on the bus, or on the train etc). I also use this app by taking pictures of my book and from the whiteboard and sometimes record my teacher while teaching so I can revise the lesson for revision, (I would ask permission before doing so), this would also be a great advantage as I can also revise my subject without carrying my book and without looking at the computer to look at the PowerPoint or to go to the teacher to recap what we have learned, because I now have them on my iPad.
Thirdly, I have emailed my teachers before, that I needed a little bit of help while doing my revision, this would be great as I would get a reply on the same day and not look for my teacher during school. Whereas I can do this while I'm revising and i may need help from my teacher so I would email my work to my teacher so they can double check if my work needs improving before getting graded.
Fourthly, when I am in lessons and I am unsure with a word or a question I was able to use my iPad to search for the information needed on safari. This was very beneficial as I can do more independent work rather than always relying on a teacher.
In addition, to help me revise i like to use creative tools. However now that I have my iPad I can create mind maps using specific apps. This would make my revision more exciting as I can use mind map on my Ipad, this would be a great advantage for me as i can learn and remember information easier by revising in a creative way. I can also revise from this wherever I am, so there was no need to carry everything (papers, books, exercise book etc).
Furthermore, now that there are variety of different apps, this would be a great advantage for me and for others in many ways. For example in business I can look at newspapers from the past and now and I can compare how different information has been changing over time (a month). I also have an app 'tutor2u' this allows me to revise for business, instead of looking at my text book only for revision I can use this app for even more resources.
For psychology, I have downloaded an app called 'ted' where there are many lectures talking about psychologist and this would help me a lot as I can also be taught in many ways while watching a video. However in psychology we needed to know the brain, however if we didn't have the iPad we wouldn't be able to look at the brain properly if it was on paper as its a 2D design, whereas on our iPad I can see it 3D and look at it in detail as the brain is labelled and explained different parts of it. This would make me understand even more and would improve my knowledge as well.
For media I have downloaded the app blogger as our coursework is on blogger to hand in the moderator. However instead of using the computer we can post our information using our iPads. Furthermore if we were to use our computer and needed to upload a picture we had to use a separate camera and download it on the computer to put it on blogger. But now that we have the iPad we can use the blogger app and take the picture using our iPad and instantly upload it on blogger, this would be faster and more efficient. However sometime we need to upload videos, so we can also record them and upload them on YouTube (unlisted) instantly from my iPad to YouTube and embed it on blogger. This would take me a maximum of 5 minutes whereas on the computer it would take me a while as I have to download many photos and videos to post on blogger.'
PY yr12

I use my iPad to follow the PowerPoint that my teachers use in the lesson, by downloading the PowerPoint to Dropbox or Cloudon. I also use the iPad for quick research in the class, e.g. I used the iPad to research the use of mass spectrometry in sports, space, etc. my teachers upload the PowerPoint and homework unto fronter, so the iPad gives me easy access to the work. Also, when I missed lessons due to illness, the iPad gave me the access to the work from the comfort of my own bed, although I had to catch up with my peers about what was done, and what homework was set before I go unto fronter. My chemistry teacher uploaded Chem factsheets, which are useful for revision. One of the apps I downloaded for Chemistry, Chem pro, is very useful in the lessons, when I want to get a hold of, for example, the elements in the periodic table, during the lesson.
Similarly to Chemistry, the general use of the iPad is for research, but biology requires more research than chemistry. For biology, I use the iPad to find extra information that is relevant or even interesting, that the textbook does not provide. As with chemistry, there are also bio factsheets that my teachers uploaded unto fronter, of which I can do my revision notes. One of my teachers has put what is on the W drive, on to fronter, which gives easier access to the work that was on the school computer, and reduces energy use. One of the apps I downloaded for biology is an app called 3d cell stain, where we look at the external and internal structure of a cell, which is relevant for our exam.
For maths, the iPad is not used much because we do not use powerpoints, we use textbooks only. Although the iPad is not useful in maths, an app I downloaded called Khan Academy is very good at explaining certain things to me, when I'm at home, that I don't understand.
Overall, the iPad reduces the amount of trouble it takes for me to obtain the work my teachers set. Normally, fronter would be a problem to get a gold of on my computers at home, but by bookmarking fronter and adding it to my home screen, it's a simpler process. Also, the Internet if the iPad is faster than what I have at home, and school, so I can get my work done quicker.
Having the iPad makes it easier for me to take my homework and revision notes around with me, on the weekends, rather than taking my laptop, which is bigger and puts me more at risk. The iPad is smaller and light so I can easily slip it into my bag, and the apps that I download I.e. mindmeister enables me to make mind maps and notes on the go.
Generally, the iPad s useful for the apps that can be obtained from the App Store, that can benefit me in the long run. The iPad makes revision much easier and quicker for me, and is keeps me updated with my work. '
NM yr12

'The way I use my iPad is:
Take pictures of the work
Research work
Typing out work (saves the trees getting cut down) iCloud and Evernote
Mind diagrams
Read and annotate words
Make time tables
Text books so I don't have to bring the big book at school
Emailing teachers for help and handing in work
Making notes
Record the teachers voice
Define word I don't get
Translate words
Remind me on notes'
AM yr12

How I use my iPad as a teacher:
Because I don't have an Office or classroom base (so not logged in to a nearby desktop) I probably use my iPad as my primary computer in school. I tend to do all of my complex computing tasks at home anyway on my Mac Pro. Having everything synced through iCloud and Dropbox is a real plus.
Before leaving for school I upload any files I need locally (such as movies where the slow connection at school would take too long from my desktop/ Dropbox usually via GoodReader.
I also have a quick read of the papers and check mail mail.
At school I will check the cover list and if doing a register will take it via the Bromcom link on my home screen. This is also handy for checking the location of a student or teacher if I need to talk to someone.
The app I tend to use for my lessons and for meetings is Complete Class Organizer. I find it handy to be able to import relevant documents as well as recording student response and taking pictures of work so that everything related to that session is in the same place along with my class notes. The only aspect that I cannot do in app is recording video of performances. However the ability to annotate photos is really handy for assessment. I have played around with Tapose and NoteBook but have yet to find a day to day use for them. Calendar is great for reminders and alerts though I use Clear as a simple todo list. Having a calendar with my timetable as a weekly recurrence means that I can add meetings and other one off events to do with school to it and keep track of where I should be.
I use iWork to create and edit Office documents. I find Keynote particularly helpful as is Numbers for working with data. If I need to do some extended writing I will use a bluetooth keyboard to speed things up. I find that a mindmapping app like Popplet is helpful when planning lessons or drawing up an action plan as it is easy to drag and reorder ideas.
Documents, Specs, handbooks etc are all kept locally, either in GoodReader or PDF Expert and I use a scanner and a photo to PDF converter to import hard copy into my device. The Evernote webclipper is handy for building up an archive of relevant documents on a subject, though I tend not to use much otherwise. Explain Everything is a handy ‘how to’ tool though I have only used it a few times so far.
I am making increasing use of AirserverApp and Whiteboard for wireless connectivity to the whiteboard though I wouldn't be without my vga adapter.
Generally, I try to avoid hard copy: I have managed to avoid paper with my AS students altogether, apart from playtexts. I think it does require a bit of zealotry to do this, but it is much more frustrating to fight with the photocopier.

Ideas for using the iPad

Cutting down on the amount of paper we use

with the House of Commons considering adopting the iPad as a cost cutting exercise one of the most immediate effects of a widely adopted iPad could be less paper actually generated at school.


There is a Bromcom app which is purchased as a school to enable registers etc to be done much more flexibly. This has proved very popular in practice.

Form Time

Get students to create their own newspaper based on their subjects using an app such as Flipboard. Get students to follow leaders in their subjects fields on Twitter (though this is currently blocked). The weekly Watch and Listen posted on Fronter:
is ideal for use with the iPad.