One of the great things about the iPad is that you can drop in and out of learning really easily. You may well have used KHAN ACADEMY before and if so you'll appreciate the advantages of being able to check something out for a few minutes pretty much instantly.



are increasingly geared towards mobile learning
FutureLearn in this country and Coursera in the USA tend to break everything down into manageable 10-20 minute chunks.
Signing up is free.....

why not try Preparing For Universty? It's not live at the moment but you can still access all of the course material.

How about producing presentations that are designed for the iPad and make for far more compelling content than our old friend the PowerPoint...
Here are some ideas:

This was done using GRAFIO....


Or here's the same information using ADOBE VOICE

View it here

Finally, it's time to get your teachers organized ..........