Some of your teachers may be more technically-minded than others but here are a few suggestions to make them make best use of your iPad.

Mail-icon.pngGroup email- it is easy to create a group on the school system for your class and this will mean that you don't have to rely on your tutor to pass messages on.
cal-icon.jpgSet up a subscription calendar so that your homework, dates and deadlines can be automatically pushed to your iPad calendar.

unnamed.pngUse apps like Edmodo and myHomework/Teachers to communicate and set homework.

Fronter_Icon_for_website.jpgUpload PowerPoints and links to Fronter so that you can access lesson materials. Or you could consider flipping the lesson and viewing the lesson's material beforehand, using the lesson itself to discuss the ideas further.
Or download materials before the lesson (especially if your class has a weak WiFi signal) rather than photocopy.

Most teachers will not agree to this but for 'lecture' style lessons consider recording what is said so you can listen to what is being said, only writing a few aide-memoires and then reviewing the recording for homework.

There are times when you will need paper but there should always be a reason for this.


If you use your iPad in an inappropriate way in a lesson, it is not your device that is at fault - it's YOU!