Making Your iPad More Productive for a Tenner

You can certainly get by just using the free apps, but if you are prepared to invest in a few essential apps you will certainly find the experience easier, more productive and more pleasurable. I have not mentioned apps that work with audio files (though many I have mentioned already are able to) as this will be considered in part 3. Remember, nobody develops free apps just for fun; there is always a payback.

1. PDF Apps

Whilst Adobe Reader is free, there are a number of paid for apps that are worth considering if you use this format for annotating power points saved as PDFs for revision/note making or for commenting on past papers etc.


You can take pictures with your phone but a scanner such as ScannerPro can scan several pages at once and then give you the option of saving the file as a picture or a jpg. Useful if you want to save those paper handouts on your iPad.

3. File management and notetaking

GoodReader is an extremely useful app that combines a PDF app with the ability to open and move files almost anywhere. there are also several cheap apps that let you jot down notes and decide later what to do with them. If you want to organise your lessons then

4, Special Offers

apple-image.jpgDevelopers often drop their prices by as much as 75% for limited periods. The free app AppPriceDrop alerts you.

5. Worth a tenner?

There are some apps that can cost up to a tenner. If You are a science student, would you consider
THIS good value?

6. Now you are set up for maximum productivity it is time to explore how mobile learning can change the way you learn.... here are some ideas