The iPad is perfect for organising your life

Many of the Apps mentioned elsewhere on this Wiki can help you do this effectively. One group of Apps that has not been mentioned Is the Mind Mapping one. Simple Minds (free) and iThoughts are two that come highly recommended. Also worth trying out are Popplet (free) and Sound Notes (free). The last is not a mind map app but lets you record and add notes to the recording. What is really good is that it remembers where in the recording your notes are and will take you straight there!

Whether you are a teacher or Student then Complete Class Organiser is well worth a look. It lets you import documents into sessions as well as setting up homework within iCal, amongst other things. Here's an overview:

For simple lists and more complex day to day organising consider Things, Lists, Omnifocus or Clear. With apps such as these personal preferences are all.