Fronter works quite well on the iPad until it comes to uploading to Fronter. You can upload anything on your photo roll but, perversely, you cannot then view these same images when opening from Fronter back to your iPad. However, I (sm) recently uploaded the whole K drive Drama Folder to Fronter via a school PC (1200 files) and discovered that I could then access and download these files onto my iPad via Safari. I would encourage everyone to migrate their K Drive to Fronter. Remember that you can customise access for any folder so you can limit access however you want.
The Fronter HD App is a free download and instantly accesses your Fronter files (under 4 mb) as read only documents. This is very handy for reading the bulletin or minutes and documents used in meetings. A three star rating is probably about right.

Setting up the Fronter HD app:

1. Download the app from the app store
2. Open the App on your ipad
3. Log in as
4. Enter your Fronter log in details
5. Tap the folder icon at the bottom of the list to access your rooms. We have discovered that the app will only display the rooms that you have marked as favourites.
6. Tap the Resources icon to reveal your folders.

The app keeps you logged in so that accessing your folders is really quick, making up for the lack of versatility in the App.